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Missouri Home insurance quotes are an excellent way to get the Home insurance coverage you require at a rate that won't break the bank.  Whether you are looking for a better rate or trying to get home insurance for the first time,  getting Missouri Home insurance quotes is a very useful tool for finding the coverage you need at the rate you desire.  Believe it or not, Home insurance does not have to cost a lot; you just need to know where to look.

There are numerous factors that will directly affect your Home insurance rate.  Such things as structure, age, credit history and location, will be used to help determine your home insurance rate.  There are plenty of ways to make sure you get the lowest rate possible.

Home Insurance 101

Basically there are five different kinds of home insurance policies found in Missouri.

  • Broad Form - This protects you from the common perils such as fire, flood, theft and other natural disasters.
  • Special Form - This policy protects you from everything except earthquake, flood, nuclear incidents, war, neglect and other specifics.
  • Special Policy for Renters Broad Form - This one offers protection for renter's contents, personal belongings, living expenses, liability and any medical bills against normal perils.
  • Homeminium Policy - This protects the owners against perils under the broad form, liability and medical bill coverage.
  • Cash Value Policy - This protects the dwelling, contents, and is made for older homes that really aren't worth as much as it will cost to replace them.
  • Protection Cost - If you live in St. Louis, the average cost to replace a home is about $300,000 and the common deductible is $500.  Coverage for a family home built in 1975, with a $100,000 replacement cost will cost you approximately $948 a year.  Remember that if you increase your deductible, you will lower your rate.

Discounts - Missouri Home insurance quotes will help you find the best insurance rates around.  There are numerous methods of acquiring the best rates possible.  By installing deadbolt locks and an alarm system, you can lower your rate further.  As well, fire protection is of high importance to insurance companies.  The proximity of your home in relation to the fire station and fire hydrants will directly affect your home insurance rate.  Installing working smoke alarms and fire extinguishers will also bring your rate down.  Updating your roof and plumbing can also bring you some added savings.  Where there's a will, there's a way with Missouri home insurance, and getting Missouri Home insurance quotes is a great start.

Getting the Best Rate - Did you know that insurance companies only need to give your 30 days notice of an upcoming renewal?  By getting Missouri Home insurance quotes beforehand, you will better equip yourself with the information you need, to make a decision with your insurance policy.  As well, by combining your insurances, you can qualify for even more savings.  Having your auto, home, health and life insurance all under the same provider often gives you an automatic discount.  When the insurance company is making more money, they are more likely to be flexible with your base rate. 

Another way to lower your rate is to check with your boss and human resources department, to see if there is a group policy available.  Most insurance companies will offer great rates to establishments that use them as their sole provider of all types of insurance.  They want you to use them for home, auto, life and health insurance.  They make a lot of money here, assume little risk and have a guaranteed amount of business.  The home insurance rates they can offer are often considerably lower than if you got a policy on your own. 

Another option that is sometimes offered with group insurance is another discount if the premium is taken directly from your paycheck.  With this, the insurance company has added security and hence they can pass the savings along.

By having a great credit rating, you can possibly lower your rates as well.  An insurance company assumes less risk with someone who is responsible financially.  It's not likely that you are going to owe them any money, and they like this position. 

By moving into a safe community, you can also make sure you get the lowest rate.  If the crime rate is low where you are living, the insurance company can give you a lower rate than if you were residing in an area where the crime rate was higher.

If you keep your claim rate clean, you will also save.  If you have never made a home insurance claim before, your rate will be lower than if you have had claims previously. 

The bottom line is that there are numerous factors that directly affect the rate you will pay for home insurance.  By taking a few minutes to get Missouri Home insurance quotes, you will be one step closer to finding the best rate around, and that's going to feel really good!

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